Photos: Chris Kennedy

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” ― Diane Arbus

We reached out to a variety of young female photographers throughout the US to contribute to our Chapter 59: Femmes book. One of the girls who obliged and ultimately stole the show is New York-based photographer Chris Kennedy. One of four sisters raised in Santa Monica, California, Kennedy alongside her sister Chandler were two of the photographers who contributed to our book of Femmes. Rightfully so, Chatper 59: Femmes was a book created for and created by girls. With an all-female cast of contributors and writers, FRANK Femmes was also solely edited by females; which ultimately lead to the success of the thoughtful and seductive book.

Kennedy’s pieces were amongst the very few that cultivated a response almost breathless. The photos do in fact take your breath away, with each additional pause matched with an even deeper stare. You’ve never seen New York bodega photographed like this.