When we were putting together Chapter 41 of FRANK151, Seventh Letter member FATE AWR MSK invited us over to his house for couple beers, a look through his collection of photos and drawings, and a backyard squirrel hunt. After catching some dinner, FATE told us how he met fellow artist Jonathan See Lim, aka TIE ONE, who was shot and killed while tagging in San Francisco back in 1998. FATE also shares the story of how he and some other artists memorialized their fallen friend.

FATE AWR MSK was one of the first members of MSK in San Francisco. He moved there with 20 dollars, one bag, and a bus ticket for his return—just in case. He says he never used the bus ticket back. Early in his San Francisco days, FATE says he was raided and had to spend some time in prison; after that, he moved up there for good. After moving to The Bay Area, other graffiti artists like REVOK, ZES, and MQ started to show up, at which point, according to FATE, “it was over after that. Crime in the city just happened.”

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