By Bernadette Angeles

There are a plethora of music festivals and everyone’s trying to make one unlike the other. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For instance: a music festival with two stages, skateboarding contests AND marijuana booths called High Life Music Festival? Sign me up! I signed up. And then I went…

The High Life Music Festival happened this past weekend [Labor Day Weekend] and let me tell you, it was definitely unlike any other. Think of a carnival combined with a cannabis convention where they added music to heighten the attraction and then decided to remove the carnival rides.

There were two stages. The main stage was outdoors across from the Splash Park on the opposite side of the food stands while the second stage, the Lifestyle Stage, was indoors near the ‘skate section’ and skate & art booths. There was then a side entrance next to the Lifestyle Stage where attendees ages 21+ could enter. Through that side entrance was the undeniable proof that marijuana was highly legal in California.

The festival took place in San Bernardino, CA which is about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. It’s not too far of a drive and well worth the drive if the festival as well… worth the drive. I can’t be for certain whether this event was well worth the drive. I mean, I can only note what happened at the event on Saturday as I didn’t attend Sunday. Here’s the explanation summed up offering both pros and cons:

Pro: A huge portion of yummy chili-cheese fries that could feed at least 4 people for only $12
Con: Buying michelada mix and having to buy beer separately (mix/$10 + beer/$12 = a pricey $22)

Pro: A splash park with water fountains and blow-up palm tree decor
Con: No one was aware of the water park

Pro: You can bring your own food and drinks (sweet af)
Con: There were NO METAL DETECTORS (sketchy af)

Pro: Marijuana of all sorts, shapes, and sizes
Con: Too many sorts, shapes, and sizes of marijuana to choose from

Pro: Friendly security and staff
Con: Understaffed. Not enough security nor custodians. The floor was trashed by the end of the night

Pro: A skate section that was Pharmacy Boardshop sponsored
Con: Only thing in the skate section was the concrete floor. No rails. No ledges. Just concrete floor.

Pro: Live music and two stages
Con: Disoriented speakers. Hosts didn’t hype up the crowd. Everyone was on their cell phones.

Pro: Great musicians and fun music
Con: Music at the second stage wasn’t loud enough to hear and the two main headliners didn’t perform

Pro: Spacious with enough walking space for everyone
Con: The layout of the main stage was incompatible with the rest of the venue’s layout

All-in-all it was a fun experience. With marijuana now being legal in California, who knows what type of festival will be next; but the one thing I know for sure is that if the event planners are reading this, holler at us! We have some suggestions for next year’s High Life Music Festival!!