Last month multidimensional musician and clothing designer Leaf released Magnet Bitch, her free debut EP on Fool’s Gold Records. A proud product of the internet kid generation, the 20-year-old is able to blend her ear for melody with trap sonics and deep grooves. When Leaf started taking more control over her music and doing her own production, she began incorporating Latin and tribal percussion, a reference to her own Puerto Rican heritage. There’s a complex musicality to Leaf’s sound, as can be heard on her latest single, “Ride,” where she melds a deceptively minimal track with her sultry, multi-tracked vocals. “I’ve always loved harmony. I went to school for classical music and studied opera for four years,” she says. “That’s why I love Young Thug’s melodies and harmonies, no one is putting out music like his right now.”

A native New Yorker, she sees herself as a part of the city’s deep heritage of progressive art and music. “Being from New York, you’re allowed to be whoever you want to be,” she says. “Growing up here was liberating because I never had to be anyone but myself.”

Along with her developing music career, Leaf also recently started the clothing label Magnet Bitch Movement. While she’s been designing and sewing clothes since she was 12 years old, MBM is part of her agenda to enhance community-driven female empowerment, all while looking fresh as hell. “I wanted to create a female mob, I wanted girls to be fuckin’ with other girls,” she says. “I felt like there was a disconnect, social media has taken over their lives, they didn’t want to go outside anymore, they didn’t want to communicate with other people. Then I started making bomber jackets and shirts, and girls really loved it and wanted to start wearing MBM for what it stands for.”

While Leaf may be exploring all kinds different mediums, in the end, to her they are all of one. As she explains, “Art is art, so all my creations share the same realm because they’re mine.”