10 Of The Worst Ever Fan Tattoos 

Last night Spanish musician Juanka Gonzalez lost a bet and was forced to get a David Hasselhoff tattoo on his body. Why not make it on the ass?

The 29-year-old made a bet with his Garaje Hemetico bandmates, pledging to have the portrait tattooed if his band made it to the final of the Surface Festival. That’s exactly what happened, which unfortunately meant that Gonzalez had to get the former Baywatch star etched onto his ass.

Gonazelz tweeted a picture of the tattoo, not revealing where it sat on his body. David Hasselhoff simply replied: “Where is that tattoo? I’m afraid to ask.”

We have seen tattoos go wrong, either because the client is indecisive or because the tattoo artist just fucks up. But let's be real, 90 percent of the time it's the client’s fault and their ideas are straight up stupid and nonsensical.

Fans will do the craziest things to prove and display the love they have for their favorite artist, sports team, or celebrity. Most people do the easy thing and copy their haircut or style, but others rather do something that will stick with them their entire life.

Crazy fans all over the world have submitted themselves to tattoos of artists like Drake, Britney Spears, Chief Keef, Justin Bieber, 'Shaq', Nicki Minaj, Manny Pacquiao, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Steve-O, who apparently is obsessed with himself. Here are some of the worst fan tattoos we could find.

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