Fu Man Screwed: Hipsters Are Killing The Razor Market

When hipsters rock back and forth on fixed gear bikes at stoplights, hairs on their muttonchops and Fu Manchus placed in perfect discord, they’re destroying more than the respect of everyone around them. They’re taking a chunk out of American razor sales.

Earlier this year we told you about PBR-guzzling hipsters driving up New York beer prices. Their relative lack of attention to personal grooming and societal norms has implications in multiple industries.

Hipsters have made everything from basic stubble to obnoxious beard designs more socially acceptable, so the average consumer has purchased fewer razors recently, according to research from Euromonitor. Gillette’s sales have dropped in developed countries, and Schick’s sales have taken a 10 percent hit in the past year.

Not only reduced consumer shaving but also a switch to cheaper or more sustainable shaving options has knocked down the sales of the industry leaders.

Razor companies will have to wait until some new counterculture decides to make clean faces fashionable in 15 years. It all goes in cycles, right?

Via MSN.

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