Lofty Goals: Dance Cam

Since he started painting ‘K’ all over NYC in the ‘90s, Jeffrey Gamblero a.k.a Korn has gone through a number of transformations. From graffiti derelict, to poker king, and now to Brooklyn Nets obsessive, he tells his story in his column for FRANK151, Lofty Goals.

It was 2010 when a poker buddy of mine introduced me to the world of underground dance clubs. He took me to a spot that used to be a gymnasium in the basement of the Hudson Hotel called Good Units. I had never experienced anything like it. The positive energy in the room was overwhelming and infectious. Deep Dish was spinning house music and the bass resonating from the speakers took complete control over me. I danced till the lights came on. As soon as I left, all I could think about was the next party.

Over the next two years, I threw myself headfirst into the underground club scene in NYC, dancing till dawn several times a week. This became one of my favorite activities in the world. It all came as a huge shock because I was extremely shy growing up and dancing in public was something I never imagined I’d do. But now here I was, dancing on subway platforms, at weddings, at sporting events—anywhere there was music and room for me to boogie.

In November, I found myself strutting at the brand new Barclays Center in front of 17,000 fans. The Brooklyn Nets Dance Cam discovered me wylin’ out in my seat, and even though it was only the second game of the season I danced as though we had won the championship. Since then, I’ve made almost 100 appearances performing my jumbotron jig. The fans’ reactions have been the biggest reward. Spreading cheer to so many people every game has been an enlightening experience. I don’t even boo or taunt other teams anymore. I still root for the Knicks and the entire NBA as a whole.

They’ve called me The Dancing Gamblero, Dancing Hipster Guy, Neon Don, and Party Rock but who knows which one will stick. The Brooklyn renaissance is in full swing. Come to a Nets game and celebrate with us!

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