Man Spends Entire Life Savings On Rastafari Banana

"You're expecting the kids to win a few things, let the kids have a good time, it just didn't turn out that way," said Henry Grubbohm to WBZ-TV, referring to the Manchester carnival run by Fiesta Shows from New Hampshire, where he lost his life savings of $2,600 trying to win an Xbox Kinect.

The game is called Tubs Of Fun, where participants throw balls into a tub. Grubbohm says that the game seemed easy at first when practicing, but when it was time to play for the big prize, the balls kept popping out. In minutes this fool lost $300, but do you think it stopped here? Fuck no! He wants that Xbox Kinect so bad that he didn't realize the amount of money that he dropped already could have bought him the item he so desired. So what does this guy do? He went home and got 2,300 more dollars for more chances to win the big prize, then lost it all.

The game wasn't a complete waste of time and a man's life savings. Although our man Henry didn't get the Xbox Kinect that he longed for, he did win a *drum rolls* stuffed banana man with dreadlocks!

As you can imagine homie is fucking pissed and swears that the game where you toss balls into a fucking bucket was rigged, so Tubs Of Fun is under investigation. There's no doubt that this game may have been rigged, but this guy isn't the smartest of people. Enjoy your Rasta Banana Henry, maybe you'll get some fun out of it.

Via CBS Boston.

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UPDATE: Seems like the dudes at College Humor feel sorry for Henry Gribbohm and his unfortunate situation and want to buy the Rasta Banana back for $2,600. Twist is, this would only happen if they get 26,000 likes on the video they put out in honor the man himself. If it gets 30,000, likes Henry will also receive an Xbox Kinect along with the money, so do your bit to save Banana Man.