Pakistani Artist Mahwish Chishty Turns Drones Into Art

It’s no secret that American military drones have been tearing up the Afghan-Pakistan border for the past ten years, whether or not the government actually acknowledges it. It’s easy to pretend something doesn’t exist when it’s going on half a world away, but it gets a bit more difficult when everybody in your country is talking about the exploding weddings along the southern border.

Remember a couple years ago when everybody over 45 started getting worried about decapitated bodies getting dumped by the cartels on the Mexican border? Well imagine the outrage if, instead of headless bodies, they were flying, silent murder-machines armed with missiles that occasionally fucked up and would shoot a goatherd. Now, keep in mind that the headless bodies were an urban legend, and the futuristic skytastic murderbots were being piloted by the most powerful military force on the entire planet.

What do you do then? Well, if you’re Pakistani painter Mahwish Chishty, you make art. Drawing her inspiration from the tradition of truck-art, Chishty decided to take that approach to drone propaganda floating around Pakistan. Rather than viewing them as war machines as American artists do, she appropriates them into Pakistani culture, making them softer, and, in her words, “friendlier looking.”

It’s interesting that, in a time when German railroads are using drones to hunt down graffiti artists, an artist so close to drone warfare is painting such a genial portrait of the future of warfare; literally.

Oh yeah, and heads up, Washington, don’t let that legalized weed get you too paranoid, because you’re next.

Via Mother Jones.

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