Photos: Dan Colen “The Spirits That I Called,” Oko Gallery  

So you’re into art, you hang stuff on your walls. Occasionally you’ll hit up a gallery but most of the time you are busy chillin’ on the couch. Stay chillin’, and check out the adventures of Street Grapes and myself, Hash Halper, in the art world. We roam around, talk to people and Street Grapes takes the snapshots. So next time you’re feeling lazy, just follow us on FRANK151.

Street Grapes and I met up at Oko Gallery in the East Village for Dan Colen’s new show, The Spirits That I Called. The two paintings looked as if they were fairy dusted, and were dubbed “the miracle paintings” by the artist. They were situated around a painting from the mid-19th century by John Anster Fitzgerald titled Titania And Bottom: A Scene From A Midsummer-Night’s Dream.

The gallerina would only allow six people in the space at once, and thus the outside street scene was created. A bunch of artists, gallerists, and random artgoers created a traffic jam on E. 10th St’s sidewalks.

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According to G, Catherine Kim

Adam Lindeman, Mark Fletcher

Aine Vonnegut, Maia Ruth Lee

Allissa Bennett, Adam Lindeman, Mark Fletcher, Peter Leissig

Aneas Capalbo, Peter Coffin and friend

Brandee Brown, Stefania Pia

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Dan Colen and Friend

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Hash Halper, Anthony Haden-Guest, Gerri Davis 2

Hash Halper, Anthony Haden-Guest, Gerri Davis

Marlene Zwirner

Mike Avedon

Lizzi Bougatsos, Sexy Sadie, Dan Colen