RSVP To The Scion Rock Show Feat. King Buzzo And Tweak Bird

Featuring headliner King Buzzo from the seminal ’80s group The Melvins along with Tweak Bird, this month’s lineup for the Scion Rock Show coming up on February 26th is heavy indeed.

For those that need a little introduction, King Buzzo has been active in the music scene for a number of decades. As well as being a founding member of The Melvins and a part of Fantomas with Mike Patton, Buzzo was a high school friend of Kurt Cobain and the bassist for his first band, Fecal Matter. A multi-talented individual, Buzzo also served as a producer for the punk rock album Americana by The Offspring.

Illinois natives and brothers Caleb and Ashton of Tweak Bird will also be hitting the stage for the live event. The duo have been performing since the mid-2000s and released their first EP titled, Reservation in 2008. They first toured with The Melvins back in 2012 and continue to today.

February’s Scion Rock Show is once again taking place at 9 p.m. at the Satellite on Wednesday, February 26th. If you’re in the Los Angeles area make sure to RSVP right now.

There's also the chance to win a limited-edition vinyl package at the show by reposting the event flyer and mentioning @ScionAV and #ScionRockShow in the caption, so you should probably do that too.

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