Skam Dust Talks Everything Skam Dust & Reveals Something On Chapter 51

Q-borough native and D.M.S. crew member Skam Dust recently sat down with The Wild Styles to touch on topics ranging from his Spaghetti Park childhood, his friendship with graff legend MQ, some Land of the Rising Sun tour stories, and what the future has in store for his music. Peep the preview below, and if you find Skam captivating, read the entire thing here.

TWS: How and when did you cop the name Skam Dust? Skam Dust: Back early on I used to write Shot then at 14 I came up with Skam cause I was always scamming, a little after I added the Dust after my favorite writer Angel Dust who was also a native of Corona . When I was out hitting the 7 train lay up’s, bombing the inside cars with my brother Nom who used to write Trek at that time & with some other writers like Dem, Mkue, Jo3, Look & Shame. Angel Duster was out doing fat throw up’s & big piece’s on the outside cars. He was a master street bomber who inspired me & got my respect from the very beginning. Angel Duster Quick & DONDI were my favorite writers.

There is just one other thing. In the interview, Skam details a piece he has in the upcoming Frank Chapter 51: Leaders. Keep an eye out for that in the upcoming months.

TWS: About 8 months ago you told me about a show you were working on with Frank151. Will it drop anytime soon? Skam Dust: Yes I been working with Frank151 magazine on some interesting projects & soon they will be released. Frank151 has asked me to interview a actor, rock star & a graffiti legend for a future Frank151 / Skam Dust collaboration , the name of this project is not yet titled. And most recently I interviewed a childhood friend who went a different path & became a narcotic detective for the NYPD, now retired for 10 years. This interview for Frank151 will be featured in a nation wide book store chain accross states.