Souls Of Mischief’s Still Infinity Tour Diary: Week Three

For those of you unfamiliar with the principal of Ramadan, it's essentially an annual observance of Islam where Muslims worldwide have to fast daily for an entire month between dawn and sunset. It's already a sacrifice most of us would never be willing to make, but imagine having the dedication to stick with it, even amidst a 50-date rap tour? That's what our homie Tajai of Souls of Mischief is currently dealing with, smack-dab in the middle of their 20th anniversary Still Infinity Tour, wrapping August 25.

So how does one go about upholding their religious commitments, regardless of exhaustion, stress, travel restrictions, non-stop parties, creative frustration, and just general hunger? To give you an idea, Tajai agreed to contribute a tour diary to the site, updating us on the daily grind of life on the road, with a twist.


This week was the mid-tour break, so we split the team up! A few of us splurged and went home. The rest? IN MIAMI, B! Never mind. I was one of the lucky guys who got back to Oakland for a hot sec. It was bittersweet. I got to see my wonderful children, but my car and home got burglarized. It was a wake-up call—my time in Oakland is quickly coming to a close. Both being with my children (who see all the lovely random violence, rampant drug use, and destructive behaviors in my city daily) and equipping my home with security cameras, an updated alarm system and an attack dog (who seems only to attack his trainer) made me realize that I am holding on to a swiftly declining real estate portfolio in an area past its heyday.

Hate to sound like a “Negative Nancy,” but I haven’t seen and done positive things in Oakland, for the most part. I’m thankful for my time there but I’m ready to start a new phase.

When I was doing my B.A. Baracus in the Bay, my homies were chilling on South Beach! I heard that Miami treated them WELL. You know cats had a good time when you ask them about it and they just smile and shake their heads, like “Mannnn.” I hear they went to Liv and Mansion and got the VIP treatment. Big up to the homegirl Courtney WOO (WOO TANG!!!) for the hookups.

One night was Kevin Hart’s birthday, so you know it was off the chain. I just saw Let Me Explain and bruh is hilarious IMHO. His comedy reminds me of conversations my homies and I have! They ran into our old labelmate and BOSS extraordinaire, Bun B. If y’all don’t know, Bun is a genius-level scholar and an all around real brother. He always shows us love and gave us pointers on working with Jive back in the day. He showed me my first screw (RIP) tape 20 years ago. I’m a screw music lover to this day, especially chopped and screwed old-school R&B.

We reconvened in St. Petersburg in a rainy but LIVE show. It’s difficult getting used to how HOT the South is (“It’s hot at night, yo” LOL). The tropical trees and rain cool it down a little. I signed one guy’s arm (he already had the Hiero sign) and he got my signature tatted the next day!

The Orlando show was off the chain, and the nightlife there is CRAZY. Pensacola was also live with a bunch of REAL Hieroheads! I know people are boycotting Florida (Why not the other 25 states with Stand Your Ground laws?) but the fans, many of whom are youths, should not be punished for an error in lawmakers’ judgment. We try to spread positivity and that is what Souls plan to do. Just in case you DO feel strongly about “Stand Your Ground,” I’ll end with a list of states that have the law. Perhaps you can try to get it repealed in all these states:


Keep it positive and peaceful. STILLINFINITY BABY!

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