Streets Is Watching: KAWS

One of FRANK's regular contributors is Phil V, a Brooklynite armed with a series of polaroids he shoots throughout NYC. Phil's subjects range from rappers to big-name artists, to the streets of New York themselves. His organic interactions, which he’s titled Streets is Watching, will give you a peek into the behind-the-scenes lives of the many interesting people who reside in the Big Apple.

Over time, my photography project has been a combination of artistry and psychology. As a creator, I've always been interested in interacting with other creators from a humane standpoint. Regardless if that interaction is five seconds or five hours, I've still been able to discover a lot about a person beyond just their art.

This past weekend, I had the chance to meet well-known artist Brian Donnelly a.k.a. KAWS at his opening reception. KAWS’s work spans from the big screen to the streets, to galleries across the world, including two shows that opened simultaneously in NYC via the Mary Boone Gallery and Galerie Perrotin.

If the situation calls for it, I always give the person I shoot the opportunity to write whatever they like on the actual polaroid. After taking a portrait of KAWS, he instantly, without hesitation, drew a smiley face on his. From my perspective, it says a lot about his personality and the type of person he truly is, or at the very least what he was truly feeling at the moment. That’s what my project is truly about—moments and interactions with creative human beings. It’s one thing to have respect for one’s art from a distance, but it’s completely different when you're able to interact with a person’s energy. I’m not sure if the LSD I took made me feel any differently than I naturally would have.

Regardless if you're new to his work or a fan of his collaborative efforts with Disney, BAPE, The Simpsons, Original Fake, Nike, Burton, Vans, Comme Des Garçons, Hennessy, Macy's or MTV to name a few, KAWS’s current exhibitions are definitely worth a visit, both on display until December 21st.

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