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Chapter 43: Bug Out! - PhD…Push Here Dummy

I started taking pictures as an artful way to express myself alongside playin’ ball and bike messenging. I figured I could do photography forever.

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Chapter 40: Gumball 3000 - Mr. Gumball

By his mid-20s, Maximillion Cooper’s resumé read like a collection of “When I Grow Up...” essays. At an age when most people are deciding on a career, Max’s titles already included race-car driver, fashion model, academic, fashion designer, socialite, skater, and BMX rider.

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The Artist Is Present: Jay Z as Fine Art 

We get it, you can wipe your ass with hundred dollar bills, but sorry Jay, you're neither "the new Jean Michel" or "the modern day Pablo Picasso." If said artists could return the favor and include you in their work though, it might look something like this.

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Nemo Librizzi’s Sketchbook Spectacular Is On Tonight

Dear friend of FRANK and curator of Chapter 22: New York, Nemo Librizzi—son of Rick Librizzi, one of Andy Warhol’s first NYC art dealers—is having a one-night only art show this evening.

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Leave The Guns, Bring The Cannolis: On My Dee-ock...

OK. Here’s a little self-fornication—uh, I mean promotion. I have a big show/retrospective of my photography from 1985 till about the present at David Kesting Presents in Bushwick, Brooklyn this Friday night.

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