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Dog Ate Your Cash? The US Treasury's Got You

A man from Helena, Montana found himself in a pickle when his golden retriever guzzled beloved dear $100 bills—a whopping five of them.

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Lost Your Wallet? Find Out Which Country Will Most Likley Give It Back

Reader’s Digest went around the world and “lost” 192 wallets to see how many would be returned. They put a family photo, name, cell number, business cards, coupons, and $50 in whatever the currency was in the city.

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Study Finds Mo' Sex Means Mo' Money

We all know that sex is healthy, but did you know that people who are sexually active make more money?

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The Toxins In Your Body Indicate How Rich You Are 

Typically, there is a correlation between social class and health. Those with more money can afford to live a healthier lifestyle, eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, buying gym memberships, and not succumbing to cheap vices like fast food.

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