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The FRANK Show: Gino Marley, Retna, MQ, And Stoner Athletes 

Welcome to episode five of The FRANK Show, where we're bringing you weekly highlights courtesy of special guests Gino Marley, Retna, and MQ, plus a few other familiar FRANK heads.

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Chapter 51: Leaders – Frankie (The Narc) Interview

Frankie became an NYPD narcotics detective, and a highly decorated one at that. Only ten years on the job and he’s now retired with honors.

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Hot Child In Da City: Hardcore Madness

People have traveled hella far to kick off the start of a crazy weekend leading to the Super Bowl of hardcore, the Black And Blue Bowl. Luckily I'm already here in NYC to partake in the madness.

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Listen To Skam Dust Discuss Chapter 51 On EVR

Skam appeared on East Village Radio for the latest Black And Blue show, which is a segment that caters to the hardcore fans.

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Photos And Recap: Saber And Rostarr At Opera Gallery

This past Thursday we were once again invited to bare witness to our friend's ever-evolving work alongside ROSTARR.

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Chapter 51 Web Exclusive: BTS With Skam Dust And “Frankie”

For Chapter 51: Leaders we called on Skam again, as he interviewed his childhood friend “Frankie” (not his real name), a decorated undercover NYPD narcotics detective.

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DMS Brother Loki Talks About Ballbustaz TV

“I came up with the idea from just being a ballbuster,” explains Loki. “Just about all my friends are. Son Of Skam says it best in one of their tracks: We're Ballbusters ‘til the day you all die."

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Danny Diablo from DMS’s “Lethal Aggression”

You all know that we’ve done a bunch of work with DMS in that past: a Frank Book, countless interviews, features, and other pieces in between.

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All Day I Dream About Stickers

MQ is Starting off the new year write with this new video "All Day I Dream About Stickers." This video was actually from a few months back when MQ held an exhibition in Tokyo at Last Gallery called "All Day I Dream About Stickers."

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