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Fu Man Screwed: Hipsters Are Killing The Razor Market

Hipsters have made everything from basic stubble to obnoxious beard designs more socially acceptable, so the average consumer has purchased fewer razors recently.

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10 Most Controversial Internet Topics According To Wikipedia 

English-speaking users edit the country invading, hard partying, baseball loving former president’s Wikipedia page more often than any other. Dubya beat out Jesus Christ, Christianity, and global warming, among other solid contenders.

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Higher Learning: US Colleges Now Allowed To Grow Hemp

A bill passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday brought the US one step closer to industrial hemp production.

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5 Supremely Insane Supreme Court Decisions 

With the Supreme Court getting all up in the ass of our civil rights and ruling on our friends' nuptials, here's a list of five "Supreme "decisions made over the years.

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