Talking to Nicolas Heller About Hanksy's "Punderful Life" 

Pharrell’s i am OTHER linked with director Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz And The Boom Bap Boys to bring you some background on the funny street artist, Hanksy. A childlike wonder seems to drive Hanksy on his quest to get Tom Hanks to sing with him. Fuck the money or fame, he just wants to be bosom buddies with his childhood hero; to have a moment with the man who inspired his name and feel the spirit of brotherly love with a man that died of AIDS in Philadelphia.

Hanksy's fascination with puns and pop culture developed into a mission to become a part of the art he loved. He claims to be the idea man behind all of Hallmark’s pun cards and all he really wants in life is to shimmy shimmy pop with his idol.

I reached out to Nicolas and asked him what made him want to work with Hanksy after mostly making music videos. “He had a HUGE mural right down the block from my house," he explained. "It was the famous Cage Against The Machine piece. Every time I walked by it, I’d laugh, something that normally doesn't occur as a reaction to street art. That provoked me to do my research. I loved what he stands for and thought it would be cool to make a film about it.”

When asked what he thought Hanksy “stands for,” Nicolas said, “there isn’t just one way to make ‘street art’ and his light-hearted humorous pieces often elicit a chuckle. People hate on him calling him an unoriginal imitator [of Banksy], but that’s bullshit. Those fools need to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.”

Hanksy has his first West Coast show opening on May 24 at Gallery 1988. If you’re in the area you can ask Hanksy yourself if what he says in the above video is true: is all he wants just for Tom Hanks to love him?

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