The Guilty Five: Paul White

Welcome to the Guilty Five. Here artists slide into the safe environment of our judgment free zone to reveal five of their guilty pleasures to FRANK readers.

This week it’s UK producer Paul White, who has been working industriously to release his Watch the Ants EP, which came out last week. Featuring reputable rappers including Danny Brown, Sean Price, and Homeboy Sandman, Paul has put together a ten-track album representing a solid hip-hop spread that bounces from instrumental to vocal tracks.

What helped him to put together such an admirable release? His secret love for a few guilty pleasures, of course. Peer into his mindset with the Guilty Five below.

Olive - "You Got the Love"
The original, I love it I love it I've listened to it hundreds of times, but I don't tell people. I had it on tape years ago, which had the acapella on it and did a remix I loved too!

Pop Idol Auditions
I mean that is some funny television, I know it's awful but sometimes I just can't resist watching these people, it's too funny!

Chocolate Pancakes for Breakfast and Dinner

Swearing All Day Long
I love passionately shouting out "F***" as much as I can. I couldn't cope without swearing, I'm a habitual swearer!

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
I grew up off that film, no way Ted...yes way Bill!!!

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Photo by Owen Richards