The Toxins In Your Body Indicate How Rich You Are 

Typically, there is a correlation between social class and health. Those with more money can afford to live a healthier lifestyle, eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, buying gym memberships, and not succumbing to cheap vices like fast food.

However, new research finds that dangerous toxins are equally present in the bodies of the rich as well as the poor. The difference lies in which chemicals are being harbored.

Those who are wealthier and can afford sushi and other types of lean protein that tout countless health benefits also tend to fall victim to heavy metal buildup. Additionally, it has been noted that rich people tend to have higher buildups of mercury, arsenic, cesium and thallium—all chemicals that accumulate in fish and shellfish.

Poor people are not as susceptible to the toxins that come from sushi, but are much more at risk for those that come from cigarette smoke and plastics. Additionally, research has shown that poor people in America had high levels of Bisphenol-A, a substance used to line tin cans and other food containers.

Don’t be discouraged by these studies, as healthy living still has its benefits. But sadly, it seems impossible even for those with the most means to live a perfectly pure, toxin-free lifestyle.

Via Quartz.

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