The Wild Fashion Of NBA Ballers 

Right before the Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat closed out their series and sealed the deal to move on to the Conference Finals, Conan O'Brien kicked off his show with this entertaining segment. This time he briefly gave us his insight on NBA players and the ridiculous outfits they show up with to press conferences.

Basketball players have always worn flashy, eccentric suits, and when we look back deeper into the NBA history of fashion, a few players come to mind: Walt "The Clyde" Frazier, Hakeem Olajuwon, Larry Johnson, and of course, Dennis Rodman.

These former players that will go down in history as Hall Of Famers apparently have impacted current NBA stars. When David Stern and the NBA Committee instituted the official dress code in 2005, they were hoping players would take it seriously and dress appropriately. The NBA stars however steered in another direction—not giving a fuck.

From Nick Young's ’80s-like outfit and Kevin Durant's jetpack, to Iman Shumpert's high top fade and Russell Westbrook's skintight pants and hipster glasses, NBA players have taken fashion to another level and are not afraid to display their strange garments.

Lately NBA players have shown up to events like the NBA All Star Weekend and press conferences with never before seen outfits. Basketball fans and sports analysts constantly make fun of them and just ask why. The answer is simple; they're simply showing off and trying to fulfill their genuine role as true, straight up ballers.

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