These Five Child Prodigies Will Make You Feel Old And Talentless

It is said that with age comes wisdom, experience, knowledge, and skill. Children are often associated with a slew of less-than-promising connotations: trouble making, bullying, tantrum throwing, and the like. But then there are kids that wield an incredible amount of inborn ability. Below are just five examples in which the talent of youth is displayed for all its glory. So don’t ever underestimate your baby sister or brother, they may have secret talents waiting to be discovered.

Triston Gailley

This three-year-old from Morro Bay, California surfs like a natural; an unimaginable skill at his meager age. He is able to surf standing up without the assistance of his dad. Triston managed to outdo his father Todd, as his dad picked up surfing as a second grader while Triston hit the surfing board at the immature age of two. At three, he is still a baby by many standards, but can surf like a pro.

B-Girl Terra

B-Girl Terra is a six-year-old dubbed for her exceptional breakdancing moves. She was allowed to participate in the distinguished Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris, in which she spun on her head and twisted her body in a whirlwind of possibilities. Her B-girl skills brought her close to victory, but not to the top. Terra is also a member in the UK breakdancing crew Soul Mavericks.

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Lucciano Pizzichini

This Italian kid has mastered the art of the guitar, taking on both the acoustic and electric variants and playing with ease. Most adults don’t reach his level of proficiency. The seven-year-old impressed the prominent Carlos Santana, who invited him to perform at a television gig with him.

Akiane Kramarik

Perhaps the most widely recognized child prodigy. The 19-year-old's paintings take realism to the next level, it’s as if you went back a century wherein most paintings by great artists are comparable to hers. She hails from Mount Morris, Illinois. Akiane started drawing all on her own, without any instruction at age four and painting at age six.

Nada al-Andal

This Yemeni pre-teen is not a mindless-drone, and her video proves it. In it, the eleven-year-old speaks against her arranged marriage, as it led her to run away from home, to her uncle’s as an escape plot. Instead of succumbing to her fate, she rebelled, much to her luck. Condemning something beyond her control has given her international attention, as her YouTube video drew over five million viewers.