Tisha Cherry's Art In The Eats: Quest Love Of The Roots In A Fruit

Sure, we all occasionally play with our food, but when's the last time you looked down at some Oreo cookies and envisioned a Storm Trooper sculpted out of the cream filling? Or used bits of tobiko and leftover soy sauce to paint out a delicate rendition of Coco Chanel? Or cut up bits of eggplant and lemon to create an adorable Murakami flower? Yeah, we didn't think so—because either way, Tisha Cherry thought of it first.

Based out of Jersey, this nurse by day and culinary creative by night started her #ArtInTheEats project as a pure hobby, often distracted by the endless artistic possibilities she'd see in her food and ingredients while cooking. Here to add some umami to the FRANK site, she'll be gracing us with a new edible creation each week, so save some room. Bon appetit!

Inspired while listening to their new album And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, here is Quest Love of the Roots in a fruit!

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