Watch ESPN’s short celebrating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday

Artist Anthony Vasquez (AVONE) has been around for an entire decade tirelessly making art, and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. After painting a mural for the Brooklyn Nets, ESPN hired him again to create a masterpiece for Michael Jordan's 50th birthday. In a mini short premiering last night, AVONE revealed his 10-ft high, 7.5-ft wide painting in celebration of Jordan's legacy as the first athlete to brand himself in an international way. 

The seven-minute video displays a fusion of fashion, sports and art and celebrates the widespread iconography of the JUMPMAN we all know so well.  As the long-retired Michael Jordan turns 50 years old this Sunday, we still pay homage to him everyday. Kids save up their allowance for weeks just to buy a shoe he created almost three decades ago.

I appreciate that ESPN went out of their way to incorporate art into the celebration of Jordan. Sports and art have always been on opposite sides of the spectrum, and to see them joined is something that should be recognized. Credit to ESPN for bringing art to a new audience who may have never heard of AVONE otherwise.

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