Watch New Museum Break Down “NYC 1993”

The New Museum exhibit NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star (named after an album by Sonic Youth) is collection of work that was either made in 1993 or shown in 1993 by 78 New York artists.

Featuring interviews with New Museum’s Massimiliano Gioni (Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions), Gary Carrion-Murayari (Curator), Jenny Moore (Associate Curator), and Margot Norton (Assistant Curator), this recently released video offers a nice recap of the show, which closes on May 26.

NYC 1993 is a subversive mix of artwork that deals with issues of media, technology, and the commodification of underground culture as created by a generation of artists who witnessed everything from the advent of the internet to the Rodney King beating. The exhibit includes Cultural Gothic, an automaton of a boy having sex with a goat as his father looks on and away, as well as work by Larry Clark including a photo friend of FRANK, Harold Hunter.

In conjunction with the exhibition itself were a number of related events. FRANK contributor Charlie Mostow attended a New Museum panel talk back in February with legendary NYC DJ Bobbito Garcia and Stretch Armstrong. FRANK reached out to Bobbito for comment on the experience: "I was honored that the New Museum invited me and Stretch to talk about 1993! We requested Sacha Jenkins to be the moderator, which turned out perfect as he's hilarious, brilliant, plus a friend. It was incredible to laugh, reminisce and create new bonds that evening. '93 was a special time for all of us!"

Photos Courtesy of New Museum via Benoit Pailley

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