Watch VIZIE And LRG’s Visual Tribute To NEKST

VIZIE, brother of the late, great graffiti artist NEKST, has released a tribute video in conjunction with LRG to the prolific writer featuring his various works spliced with shots of an artist writing the tag.

NEKST, one of the world’s most famous graffiti artists, known even outside the tight-knit graffiti world, got his graf start in Houston in 1996. He then moved up with the big dogs in the Los Angeles-based Mad Society Kings (MSK) graffiti crew, which includes some of the most notorious writers around.

NEKST, known not only for his large and intricate murals, but for his knack of creating them in challenging terrains, hit NYC, New Orleans, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and other big cities over his illustrious career. In 2003 the Houston Press voted NEKST the Best Graffiti Writer.

“I've lived in and painted in every region in this country,” said NEKST in an interview with 1xRUN. “I've been writing graffiti for 18 years and have always been significant to every city I've lived in. I try to make sure that what I make is as large as possible and always legible.” Outside of his work in graffiti, he created dozens of contemplative portraits of his fellow prison mates with pencil and paper during his six-month detention in a Dallas-area prison.

The artist’s hard-hitting and untimely death in December 2012 inspired an outpouring of tribute and dedication pieces within the graffiti community. "He wouldn't just climb a billboard and tag it, he'd cover the whole thing," said longtime friend GONZO to Houston’s CultureMap. "It's that kind of work that made him so well-known among graffiti artists."


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