In collaboration with Super Deluxe, FRANK151, and Illegal Civilization, we’re excited to finally show you the Illegal Civilization short film Ok, Prove It! Directed by Illegal Civ pioneer Mikey Alfred, the short introduces you to two high school friends, Clarence and Jason, in the midst of an existential crisis. The boys now entering adulthood are faced with the inevitable challenge: are they man enough to grow up? After what seems to be a normal afternoon in North Hollywood, California, their day is cut short by a hurdle of fractured twists and turns that force the boys to come face-to-face with their manhood much earlier than expected. See what happens here, or check the video out on Super Deluxe’s YouTube Channel.

And stay tuned for the upcoming Illegal Civ x FRANK151 book release and capsule collection coming out Fall/Winter 2016.